Thank you for viewing my website.                                                                                                             I have been painting for about 7 years.  When I thought I would retire from Interior Design, I decided to take up oil painting.  Starting with a drawing course at the Arkansas Arts Center and progressing to Figure Drawing, Pastel Painting, and finally to oil which seems to be my medium for now.  I seem to like to paint large flowers ( 4' x4' and 4' x 5") . I like to pretend to climb right into the flower. And I have recently begun to paint rather surrealistic subject matter like the piano to the left.  Several are now in the works and it is really interesting.  One can make up their own story for each painting, which is sort of what I think art is all about.  Also being a duck hunter from an early age, I enjoy painting sporting scenes and sporting dogs.

Retirement from Interior Design didn't work so I am now doing both which keeps me busy and mostly out of trouble! 

I love to travel and get lots of inspiration for paintings while traveling.  My style seems to still be evolving so come on this journey with me. Hope you enjoy the experience and my work.


​BrendaHogan's Studio        Original Works of Art in Oil

​Brenda Hogan's Studio

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM  16 x 20  Not For Sale at this time.

Oil Painting

​The Coolest Beach

Heavenly Oreo

Sea Birds

Please Have A Seat